Why Zoysiagrass Is So Preferred

More Beauty, Less Maintenance And Fewer Chemicals


  • Requires up to 1/3 less water, fertilizer and herbicides.
  • Reduces mowing and edging by up to 1/3.
  • Dense, weed-free and carpet-like turf with vertical leaf blades.
  • Highly tolerant to winter cold or summer drought.
  • Eliminates fungicide costs.
  • Remains strong and wear-resistant.
  • Suited for all climates.
residential lawn care


Residential Applications

A Winrock Zoysia® lawn adds beauty and value to your home.

The beauty and lower maintenance characteristics of Zoysiagrass will enhance your home lawn. Whether you obtain an "instant lawn" from solid sodding or grow in your lawn over time with plugs, the end result will be an environmentally correct, luxurious lawn that will require less maintenance and less worry. During the initial grow-in phase, your sod or plugs will require some attention; however, once your Zoysiagrass is established, it really likes to be left alone.


FULL SUN AREAS: Winrock Zoysia® MEYER Z-52 Zoysiagrass sets the standard for all high quality applications receiving 50 percent or more of the days normal sunlight.

FOR SHADY AREAS: Winrock Zoysia® ShadeKing® Zoysiagrass.

ShadeKing® Zoysiagrass

From the greenhouses of Winrock Grass Farm, Inc. comes another new discovery to complement their long time best selling Winrock Meyer Z-52 Zoysiagrass for full sun lawns. It is ShadeKing® Zoysiagrass, and, you guessed it, it is for lawns that have mature trees and plants shading the lawn area and preventing a healthy stand of turfgrass. Homeowners and landscapers are calling Winrock to tell us that their new ShadeKing® Zoysiagrass is growing where nothing grew before and where only roots were showing. One landscape contractor said "ShadeKing® Zoysiagrass is not only growing under mature oak and maple trees, it looks like that grass is trying to climb the trees!" Winrock has the new ShadeKing® Zoysiagrass in over 1000 locations in the South and Mid West. It thrives in both sun and shade! It is finer bladed than its Meyer Z-52 Zoysiagrass cousin and turns the same golden "hay" color during Wintertime. Winrock discovered the high shade tolerance of ShadeKing® Zoysiagrass when planting the fine bladed grass on shady golf tees and watching the golf club divots grow back under shady conditions.


Commercial Applications

commercial lawn maintenance

Winrock Zoysia® commercial landscaping cuts maintenance costs dramatically.

Zoysiagrass in commercial landscape applications communicates "high quality" to the passerby. Plus, the owner of the commercial property not only gets a luxurious look, the owner also gets lower maintenance costs: fewer mowings, less fertilizer and herbicides, and less water use. Most problems we see come from overwatering and/or over-fertilizing.

Golf Course Applications


Hundreds of golf course superintendents and owners have converted to Zoysiagrass fairways, tees and even roughs. Why? Because the cost of annual maintenance on golf courses can be controlled with our environmentally correct Zoysiagrass.

Plus more and more golfers, including PGA professionals, prefer to play on Zoysiagrass because of its dense, carpet-like surface. Zoysiagrass grows slower than other grasses and needs less water, fertilizers, herbicides and mowings.

Since Zoysiagrass is very dense (like a carpet) with a very tough root system, it stands up to the wear and tear of golf cart traffic and golfer divots. Zoysiagrass divots are smaller and shallower and hence heal quicker than other, less sturdy grasses.

Plus, at low mowing heights, Meyer Z-52 Zoysiagrass survives the coldest winter weather better than any other warm season grass.



For Golf Greens and Tees: RollMaster®


From the greenhouses of Winrock Grass Farm, Inc. comes our newest Winrock Zoysia® selection: RollMaster® Zoysiagrass. Ultra fine bladed and deep green with dwarfed seedheads for low, low mowing. Allows maximum ball roll for golf course greens, tees, approaches, and fairways. Also great for athletic fields! Stays green longer than virtually all other warm season grasses. Great winter cold tolerance!

Athletic Field Applications

Winrock Zoysia®'s wear tolerance and low upkeep requirements make it ideal for public applications.

Zoysiagrass has been used on athletic fields in Asia for centuries. The International Olympic Committee has often specified Zoysiagrass for use in international competitions. So why do we not see more of it used in the United States? Beats us.

Zoysiagrass provides a tougher, denser and more durable athletic field surface while providing benefits of lower maintenance, less water and fewer mowings. Just like golf course superintendents used to hear that golf divots would not recover fast enough with Zoysiagrass, they now are better educated. The tougher and denser Zoysiagrass does not allow the severe divots and wear of other lesser grasses, and when they do happen they repair themselves faster because the injury is shallower and less damaging to the Zoysiagrass plant. So "play ball" on Zoysiagrass whatever the weather and you will see little to no turf injury.athletic grass fields

Plus, athletic competition on Zoysiagrass is like playing on a living artificial turf surface! You get great ball roll, great footing and great resistance to wear and tear. And at low mowing heights, Meyer Z-52 Zoysiagrass survives the coldest winter weather better than any other warm season grass.


Winrock Zoysia® is Ideal for a Variety of Climates

See our Winrock Zoysia® Zone Map.

Winrock Zoysia® - We are America's Foremost Zoysiagrass Source For Residential, Commercial and Golf Course Landscaping

At Winrock Grass Farm, Inc. we are committed to growing only the finest Zoysiagrass. First, our fine soil, which is uniquely suited for quality turf grass production, is sterilized to insure the highest soil purity at planting. Then our skilled specialists plant and maintain the Zoysiagrass (stolons and rhizomes) until our two-yearlong growing process is complete. Our mature Winrock Zoysia® sod is marketed to you fresh and weed free, ready for fast installation on your site.